Our Research

New Energy Conversion Schemes: Artificial Photosynthesis

Energy, catalysis and environment are interconected issues with an important socio-economic output. Our research in artificial photosynthesis is focused on the study, comprehension and development of the key reactions involvedj in the cost-efficient production of H2 and liquid carbon-neutral fuels from CO2.

The SelOxCat group tackles this major issue from two different perspectives:

Nanoscaled molecular-material hybrid (photo)electrocatalysts:

We work on the tailored design of tuneable molecular-material hybrids based on various metal/metal oxides. Our aim is to understand the fundamental principles that determine the selectivity, efficiency and durability of these materials.

Molecular-based (photo)electrodes:

Our group investigates novel catalyst-electrode interfaces to boost their current densities and long-term stabilities, in order to enable their inclusion in practical photoelectrochemical (PEC) devices.